Mavericks Compatibility

Richmond richmondmathewson at
Wed Oct 30 12:38:44 EDT 2013

On 10/30/2013 06:06 PM, Geoff Canyon wrote:
> What are you seeing for CPU usage on Mavericks? For me, just loading LC it
> runs at about 25% CPU load on a new MacBook Pro w/Retina.

It seems to take up almost nothing (6.1.2) with Mavericks in VMware 
player 6.0.1 re load.

3.68 CPU time.

On Quit, it momentarily uses 7.7% of CPU load.

HOWEVER, 6.5.0 dp2 uses 14.6% of CPU load, briefly, on loading, and then 
drops to nothing
with 2.37 CPU time.

On Quit, 6.5.0 dp 2 uses 5.3%.

I hope you understand what the difference is between 'load' and 'time', 
because I don't.


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