Detecting the end of a stack resize

Peter Haworth pete at
Sat Oct 19 17:38:27 EDT 2013

I've written my own control resizing handler which gets called from a
resizeStack handler.  I also have liveresizing set to true.

All this works fine but now I've come across a situation where I need to
know when the stack resize is over to invoke some final logic.

I've checked the dictionary but can't find a message that happens when the
user has finished the stack resize, except mouseUp of course.

It seems like I will have to come up with my own way to do this, eg set a
global to true when the resize starts then check it in a mouseUp handler at
the card/stack level.... or do without liveresizing so I only get the
resize message at the end of the resize.

Before I start down that path, am I missing something obvious?

lcSQL Software <>

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