Why Microsoft Word must Die

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> Scrivener seems interesting.  Lyx is my own answer to the large document
> writing issue.

LyX was the reason I switched from Mac to Unix in grad school . . .

I used it for my dissertation.   When I got stranded for a couple of days
with a blown transmission, a laptop, an out of date electronic copy, and
the latest handwritten comments from my advisers, I made a copy, edited
that,  used diff on the two files, and then patch to reapply it to the
latest copy of my dissertation . . .

And when it came time for the adjustments after the dissertation nazis in
the Graduate COllege were done with it, it took under 10 minutes--including
starting to make some corrections, calling them, getting them to
acknowledge they had it backwards, and undoing . . .   Typical for ms word
was a full week or more.
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