"Be This Guy" - or Publicity - Business and Turnover

Francis Nugent Dixon effendi at wanadoo.fr
Sun Oct 13 13:43:52 CEST 2013

Hi from Beautiful Brittany, 

where the boats are bobbing uselessly in the swell.

Hi Richmond, and anybody interested in the recent Livecode

I know somebody who sends and receives a handful of mails
in a "good" week (THAT is expensive !)

I know somebody who has a golf bag full of expensive "putters",
a subscription to an expensive golfing club, and who plays golf
(very badly), two or three times a year.

I know somebody who jumped at the chance to take a 40% 
reduction on a years subscription to a fitness class, and who
has strangely never found the time to go "EVEN ONCE" in that

Every day, I drive past a small harbour in Southern Brittany,
where I see a thousand "boats" of all sizes and prices, which
are taken out for an airing maybe half a dozen times a year.
"WOW !" I couldn't even pay the cost of the mooring berth !

Welcome to the real world Richard, where publicity exists !

Let us just imagine a world where manufacturers never EVER
spoke about the products that they make and (try) to sell.

1 - They would go out of business for lack of clients who
would just love to buy a five-legged sheep, if they knew
that it existed. Of course, there is always a risk that if you
don't know that something exists, you will never go out and
buy one.

2 - They sell their products to some people who really don't
want one, but they make more money, stay in business and
(maybe) lower their profit margin and sell MORE, but CHEAPER.
AND, they innovate, hire people, and live happily ever after !

3 - Publicity may reach somebody who realises that he can "DO"
something positive with this publicized product, which will make
his life "richer".

Publicizing LiveCode with the idea that "YOU TOO, CAN BECOME
A PROGRAMMER, AND MAKE MONEY" is a perfectly acceptable
Publicity Pitch, and I for one am a happy bunny, because some
years ago, I was lamenting about the demise of an indispensible
(to me !) product called HYPERCARD, when I "stumbled" across
REVOLUTION, and life began all over again.

The "morons" who see LiveCode publicity, buy it, and don't use it
are not in your world - Don't worry about it. Just pour yourself another
whisky (or whiskey), and run off another stack, happy that you've
got yourself a wonderful "toy" which makes your life more worth while.

I spend hours every day playing with LiveCode, just for fun, and I spent
a lot of money to get this fun. What LiveCode has evolved into from
early beginnings and a handful of people with a "Vision", is nothing
more than an wonderful adventure. And I BENEFIT from this adventure.

LiveCode publicity is not talking to "YOU", so don't listen to it.
I'm on version 5.5, have never made a cent from what I've written,
and delete all the publicity mails from LiveCode WITHOUT EVEN
LOOKING AT THEM, simply because I have a great software development
tool which already does more that I will ever need.

And when they finally put me to rest (I wrote my first program in 1962),
the last word I say will probably be "IF ……."

And inevitably the question - How did you "stumble" across LiveCode ?
Was it - NO THAT'S NOT POSSIBLE ……..  "P U B L I C I T Y" ????

I think that this is worth more than two cents.


"LiveCode is not just another Software Development tool, it's a way of life"

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