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William Humphrey shoreagent at
Wed Oct 9 06:27:29 EDT 2013

Can you explain what is different between setting cursor to busy instead of setting cursor to watch? Why does setting cursor to bust "eat cycles"?

This is now a second reason not to use setting cursor to busy. The first being that it tells the user something is seriously wrong (I didn't know this one).  I assume that seeing the watch just means wait a moment something is going on that is supposed to take time. (I see the watch cursor all the time when I run windows stuff).  

Brevity and errors in this email probably the result of being sent by a mobile device. 

> On Oct 9, 2013, at 2:50 AM, "" <admin at> wrote:
> Setting the cursor to busy eats cycles and adds a time-overhead.
> Personal preference is to simply 'set the cursor to watch' for any actity
> lasting up to a few seconds, or a progress bar updated every nth iteration
> (such as n mod 100 =0) for longer routines. For indeterminate activity
> length, I use an animated gif such as a barber's pole.
> Short answer is I haven't used 'busy' in a long time.
> 2p/2c
> Hugh Senior
> FLCo
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