My wife's iPad

Richmond richmondmathewson at
Sun Oct 6 11:27:38 EDT 2013

I have just bought my wife an iPad 3 . . .

. . . several things really stick between my teeth there . . .

However I am not going to make my wife's life awkward by jail-breaking 
the thing

(even if I did get it for her with somewhat suspect ulterior motives, 
ha, ha!).

Now I can connect her iPad to a Linux box via a USB cable and see the 
whole thing as
a hard drive, and bu**er around with its file structure to my heart's 
content (but possibly not
to hers . . .),

[ ]

but what I cannot work out is how to install a roll-yer-own Livecode 
without having to climb into bed with Apple.

For the sake of argument; my Dad might need a wee program for typing 
texts in Mediaeval Scots
(think Henryson and the Makars) with all those funny typographical signs 
and conventions used
in mediaeval manuscripts (ugly stuff; court hand and all the rest of it).
Now he, having been 'poisoned' by his son, runs a Toshiba laptop and 
Ubuntustudio 13.04.
So it is dead easy for me to run him up a standalone and send it as
an e-mail / Facebook / Skype attachment, or via an FTP site, to him; and 
all he has to do is download the thing,
set the executable bit (Linux, remember?) and its "Hey-ho, and off we go".

Equally; I can do that for my older son (HP laptop with Windows 7),my 
younger son (Macintosh laptop
with 10.4) or my sister (manky-franky laptop running Windows XP) without 
getting too hot and sweaty.

But, can I do that for my wife? I think not.


Well, I shall have a try . . .



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