Sporadic "answer file ... as sheet"

John john at onechip.com
Fri Nov 29 18:07:29 EST 2013


   I submitted an app to the App Store and it was rejected due to a bug.  With some patience I managed to recreate it.  The app was finished in LC 6.1.3 under OS 10.9.  The report from Apple indicated that when a file was being saved an error dialog appeared using OS 10.8.5.  The error dialog is one of mine.

   I tested on a 10.8.5 computer and was unable to reproduce the issue.  The technical note Apple referenced (Technical Q&A QA1778: How to reproduce bugs reported against Mac App Store submissions) indicated I should test on a fresh OS install.  When I tested on a brand new installation of 10.8.5, answer file with sheet sporadically appears detached from the stack window (there is a slight distortion line above it) and, when it does. I get a bad path hence the error dialog.  This happens once every three or so time I try.

   Has anyone else seen this (if so is there a fix)?  Is answer file without sheet known to be reliable?


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