RELEASE LiveCode 6.5

Alejandro Tejada capellan2000 at
Thu Nov 28 12:48:17 EST 2013

Kevin Miller wrote
> Just to chime in here and add to what Ben has said below. 6.5 wasn't a
> case of adding a few minor features. We didn't do what we usually do and
> "bolt-on" the resolution independence code to the existing architecture.
> Instead, we replaced the entire graphics architecture for all graphics on
> all platforms in the entire engine.
> It was a ton of effort and we got "just" one big feature this release -
> resolution independence. It might seem like a bitter pill to swallow for
> just that feature. Of course that isn't the point. We now have a modern
> graphics layer and we can do so much more with it over the next few
> versions, as Ben has outlined. We have so much scope now to expose
> additional graphics features, re-implement theming and so forth.
> [snip]

Just for curiosity, Besides Google Chrome and LiveCode, 
Which others fully cross-platform software employs the 
Graphics library Skia in all available platforms?

If my guess is correct, LiveCode 6.5 must be a complete
new ground for Skia graphic library. 

How many of the graphic bugs reported belongs to Livecode's implementation?
How many of the graphic bugs reported belongs to Skia's platform specific

That would be really interesting to know.


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