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On 11/27/13 10:34 PM, Bob Sneidar wrote:
> Hi Marty. Thanks for the reply.
> Actually I just solved my own problem (again) by downloading and
> installing Quick Change, a utility that shows the actual 4 character
> file type. (works in Mavericks) For PDF’s it’s “PDF “ (note the SPACE
> AFTER PDF). If I use that with the “of type” form, it works a peach.
> There is no way I know of, besides some obscure terminal command
> which I am sure exists, to get the file TYPE of a document in OS X.

Mac file types are a remnant of OS 9 and are phased out in OS X, which 
relies only on extensions just as Windows does. This works:

   answer file <prompt> with type "PDF files|pdf"

The file type can be omitted, at least on my Snow Leopard Mac. Haven't 
tried it in Mavericks but I assume it should be the same.

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