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Phil Davis revdev at
Mon Nov 25 23:08:08 EST 2013

Hi Peter,

Have you tried putting a breakpoint at your "launch" line so you can see 
what's in the tFilePath variable? It may not contain what you think. At 
least that's how it sometimes works for me.

Phil Davis

On 11/25/13, 7:10 PM, Peter M. Brigham wrote:
> So I have a handler that runs fine in the IDE, and even when I suspend the development tools it runs fine, but when I build the standalone it fails. The idea is to be able to store the locations of images and display them in the default image app when they are chosen from a pop-up list. In the standalone, when I select the name of the image from the pop-up, nothing happens.
> The script of my pop-up button includes the following (see the bottom section for where the problem lies):
> on menuPick u
>     -- each card has a property storedImages
>     -- which is an array of one or more images and info
>     -- if <uTitle> is the title of the image, then
>     --    each storedImages[<uTitle>] is an array:
>     -- storedImages[<uTitle>]["uImage"] is an image
>     -- storedImages[<uTitle>]["uFilepath"] is the location of the image file
>     -- storedImages[<tTitle>]["uExtension"] is the file extension (file type) -- jpg, png, pdf, etc.
>     put the shiftkey is down into deleting
>     switch
>        case u contains "store"
>           answer file "Choose your image:"
>           if it = empty then exit to top
>           put it into tPath
>           importImage tPath
>           break
>        default
>           -- an image title was selected
>           put the storedImages of this card into rImages
>           if deleting then
>             …  <snip> ..
>           else -- display image
>              ******** this is the part that isn't working: ********
>              put rImages[u]["uImage"] into tImage
>              put rImages[u]["uFilepath"] into tFilepath
>              put lastThing(tFilepath,"/") into shortFileName
>              if there is a file (tFilepath) then
>                 launch document tFilepath
>                 if the result <> empty then
>                    answer the result as sheet
>                 end if
>              else…
>                    <snip>
> The fact that I don't get an error answer dialog means that the launch command is not returning any indication of a problem. Any suggestions? 2008 MacBook, OSX 10.7.4 (Lion), Rev Studio 5.5.1, build 1487. Yes, I'm still running an older version of LC.
> -- Peter
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