Does a Control Exist?

Malte Brill revolution at
Mon Nov 25 11:08:03 EST 2013

Please do not allow more silent failing as we already have!

In most cases, a fail will result from typos or not clearly laid out code. Everything that fails silently is a major pain to debug. If you try to fill a field and it is not there, it is an error. I *expect* the code to halt there, as it was most likely me making an error in my code. I have always been an advocate to making the engine a lot stricter (if the person using it decides to use "strict mode" of course). I can not deal with code that has variables declared for example, and if my company has other people writing liveCode for us, basic requirement for code being accepted is that the script compiles in strict mode. Same goes for 3rd party libs. If we do have access to the code base and it does not compile in strict mode, we are very unlikely to use it. Might sound paranoid, but it saves from maintenance nightmares.

Comparing the proposal with custom properties, well I would prefer the engine to be a little stricter there too. But that might be just me.

Comparing the proposal with what the IDE does also drives me nuts! There are many IDE (and datagrid) errors, that are just being swallowed by gRevDevelopment. I could go berzerk when you just do not see that something went wrong inside the IDE, just to find that it explodes into your face in the standalone…

So please, pretty please with cream and a cherry on top: Not more silent failing, but less!

3 cents due to inflation,


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