Does a Control Exist?

Ray ray at
Sun Nov 24 16:04:42 EST 2013

After looking at these thoughts I think I agree with Richmond.  It can 
make for a difficult situation if something silently fails, so the trade 
off with first having to check whether or not something exists is 
probably best.

My original comparison to custom properties in which case you don't have 
to check to see if the property exists, and if it doesn't the script 
keeps on going, is not totally fair since custom properties are not the 
same as controls.


On 11/24/2013 3:56 PM, Richmond wrote:
> On 24.11.2013 22:23, J. Landman Gay wrote:
>> On 11/24/13 1:55 PM, Richmond wrote:
>>> That WILL halt the script, hence the need to use
>>> if exists(some control) then
>>>     do something
>>> end if
>>> checks.
>> Right. But Ray's requesting that we not have to do any existence 
>> check in the first place. He wants the engine to fail silently. I 
>> think that would cause issues if it were implemented.
> Anything that fails silently is a pain in the bum as it is then very 
> difficult indeed to see whether or why it failed.
> Richmond.
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