openCard in plugin stacks

Peter Haworth pete at
Sat Nov 23 21:25:24 EST 2013

Still have no idea why no openCard happened but I moved the processing from
openCard to preOpenCard and it now works.  Not ideal because I really
needed the card to be visible while the processing was going on but it will
have to do for now.

lcSQL Software <>

On Sat, Nov 23, 2013 at 2:26 PM, Peter Haworth <pete at> wrote:

> I have stack with an openCard handler which executes fine when the stack
> is run as a toplevel stack.  When I put the stack into my plugins folder
> and set it to run modeless, the openCard handler doesn't execute.
> Tried putting answer dialogs at the top of the openCard handler, they
> never appear when the plugin runs.  Also tried moving the openCard logic
> into a separate handler then calling it from openCard after a wait 0
> milliseconds but still no joy.
> I tried using the message watcher to see if I can spot an openCard
> message.  Problem is, there are so many messages that they overflow the
> message watcher display field and scrolling back to the top of it doesn't
> get me far enough back.  I see there is a way to specify messages to
> exclude but I don't see a way to specify a list of messages to include -
> can that be done?
> Any ideas on why openCard doesn't fire?  I've run into problems like this
> before when a stack is starting up - it seems the LC environment is very
> fragile at that point!
> Pete
> lcSQL Software <>

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