Translate code from Mac to PC

James Hurley jhurley0305 at
Thu Nov 21 18:56:18 EST 2013

I need a little code translation for a program I am doing for a local school.

It is a drawing program. After the drawing is complete, I need a way for the student to print and or save the  image.

On the Mac that is easy. Take a snapshot of the rect containing the image, save it to disk, launch the file and it opens in Preview.
And from Preview, the image can be printed or saves. Here is that in Mac speak.

on mouseUp
   ask "Please name this image." with "MyImage"
   if it is "" then exit mouseUP
   put "/" & it & ".png" into tName
   put specialFolderPath ( "desktop") & tName Into tPathAndName
   export snapshot from rect (rect of  graphic "oval") of this card  to file tPathAndName as PNG
   launch document tPathAndName
end mouseUp

I need this for the PC as well. Is there an app on the PC that opens any PNG file  that is double clicked? 


Jim Hurley

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