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Mark Schonewille m.schonewille at
Thu Nov 21 13:28:56 EST 2013

Hail the comma,

I use the comma almost all the time, for simple short lists. That's 
extremely useful while executing code in the message box. If I have a 
larger amount of data to deal with, usually I also need a little more 
code and one additional line of code to set the delimiter doesn't matter 
to me.

Btw very often I use ASCII 14 as a text delimiter to make sure that the 
items in the list don't contain the delimiter. Probably, we all have our 
preferences and we can't make everybody happy.

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On 11/21/2013 07:55, Vokey, John wrote:
> All,
>    I know it is not just me (as all of my colleagues complain about it as well): having the default item delimiter be a comma is annoying, as most of us use the tab delimiter.  Most of the functions I write have an additional parameter (the item delimiter used in the passed data) to accommodate, but it would MUCH simpler if we could just set the *default* item delimiter.  And, as I think about it, why not the same for all delimiters?  So, how about an engine command such as: set the default itemdelimiter to <x> that sets the itemdelimiter to whatever x contains until the stack is closed or another set the default itemdelimiter to <x> is encountered?
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