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Thu Nov 21 13:19:22 EST 2013

I agree. I almost never use commas and mostly use TABs so I frequently have to add the extra statements in my code.

The only problem I see in making this change now is that it will break some apps. If I give or get a stack from someone who defaults to a different delimiter things will break in funny ways.

Perhaps there can be a statement in some standard place such as preOpenStack like “set the itemDelimiter to XXX” or a stack Custom Property. LiveCode IDEs after a certain date will read and set it and if it isn’t there the current behavior of comma will be used as the default. This would provide backwards compatibility without much overhead.

The LiveCode folks don’t typically read this mail group so while this is a great place for a discussion it won’t get their attention.

Bill Vlahos

On Nov 20, 2013, at 10:55 PM, Vokey, John <vokey at> wrote:

> All,
>  I know it is not just me (as all of my colleagues complain about it as well): having the default item delimiter be a comma is annoying, as most of us use the tab delimiter.  Most of the functions I write have an additional parameter (the item delimiter used in the passed data) to accommodate, but it would MUCH simpler if we could just set the *default* item delimiter.  And, as I think about it, why not the same for all delimiters?  So, how about an engine command such as: set the default itemdelimiter to <x> that sets the itemdelimiter to whatever x contains until the stack is closed or another set the default itemdelimiter to <x> is encountered?
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