LC resolution independence and @2 images

Klaus major-k klaus at
Thu Nov 21 09:39:34 EST 2013

Hi friends,

Ii am playing around ab it with LC 6.5 and cannot get the @2 image(s) to work!?

Here is what I did:
1. Created a 480*320 pixel stack

2. Created 2 identical images, one in 480*320 "image.jpg"
and one in 960*640 "image at 2.jpg". The hires one has the text @2 
in the topleft corner to see if it is working

See this screenshot for my settings:

I think everything is correct:
a. Layout with referenced small image "image.jpg"
b. Both images added via the "Copy files" tab in the standalone builder

3. No joy in the simulator, see this screenshot.
NO @2 image, the low-res image is being displayed:

Am I doing something wrong or what do I overlook?
Does this NOT work in the simulator?
What? 8-)

Any hints much appreciated, thanks!


Klaus Major
klaus at

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