Dreaming up Webservices with LC server

Malte Brill revolution at derbrill.de
Thu Nov 21 06:57:37 EST 2013

Hi all,

I am currently in a situation, where I need to implement a couple of Webservices (either SOAP or REST at my choice). Of course I would love to be able to do this with liveCode server. I need to OFFER webservice, instead of retrieving data from existing ones. So here is the question… Has anybody of you done this already? Is there some sort of library that could be used? When I am looking at this I see a lot of work coming up and makes me peeking jealously at JAVA, where a Webservice comes out of the box so to speak.

I envision something in LC that automagically generates a WSDL somehow, just the way one would expect and some sort of connector script that receives the data and passes it on to the commands and functions in question.

I would be very glad to receive any pointers.

All the best,


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