Differentiating a substack from a mainstack

Richard Gaskin ambassador at fourthworld.com
Wed Nov 20 18:09:21 EST 2013

Peter, I think you've found a bug.

Apparently when you use:

   create stack "SomeStack"

...the engine not only completes the creation of the stack but also 
fires the newStack, preOpenStack and possibly other stack messages as 
well before it then sets the name of the newly-created stack to the 
specified "SomeStack".

What should happen, IMO, is that the name is set by the engine before 
any messages are sent.

If I had instead run:

   create stack
   set the name of it to "SomeStack"

...I could understand how during the interval the newStack, etc. 
messages would be sent with the old name.

But as it is, I'd call it a bug.

Can anyone here come up with a reason this isn't a bug?

Peter, do you want to submit that?

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