RELEASE: LiveCode 6.5 RC6

Peter Haworth pete at
Wed Nov 20 16:27:22 EST 2013

On Wed, Nov 20, 2013 at 11:28 AM, Richard Gaskin <ambassador at
> wrote:

> I have no problem with frequent releases.  Nightly builds are a common and
> growing practice with agile companies, and in many ways it's very
> encouraging to see RunRev deploy quickly.

I'm not too concerned with frequent releases, although it does feel like
something that is classified as a Release Candidate should be stable enough
that it isn't replaced by another Release Candidate a day later.

The main thing for me is a list of the differences between the new
DP/RC/whatever and the previous one rather than an exhaustive list of all
the fixes in the RC/DP cycle.  I'd be OK with all the fixes being listed in
the email announcement but with some visual indication of the the new items
in that particular release, something as simple as an asterisk next to it

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