RELEASE: LiveCode 6.5 RC6

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Wed Nov 20 15:45:58 EST 2013


I agree. In the old daysŠ you were happy when the RC3 was released because
in those days you knew that the release version was the next one.
Releasing RC¹s in a short time is not good because it looks like the house
is in fireŠ And is not.
Software development is most of the time solving errors, caused by us,
humansŠ ;-)

On 20/11/13 21:32, "Richard Gaskin" <ambassador at> wrote:

>Alejandro Tejada wrote:
> > Bug hunting is a daily routine in software developer's life.
>True, but developers all need to split their time between testing their
>own stuff and testing the other systems their stuff relies on.
>For example, I'm not sure how much time RunRev devotes to submitting bug
>reports for each new version of OS X or Ubuntu, and my own testing
>efforts focus similarly on my clients' work first, and LC engine second.
> > What do you think?
> > Should we invent unique names for these bugs, besides a number?
>The current setup is generally fine, but if it were up to me (and many
>are glad it isn't) I'd make only two small adjustments:
>1. Email notices of releases would only include the fixes and
>enhancements specific to the release.
>2. I would label a build "Release Candidate" only when it's a candidate
>for release.  Anything with outstanding known issues would continue to
>be labeled "Developer Preview" until those are resolved.
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