Disallow Editing Specified Cells in a Datagrid

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Wed Nov 20 14:45:15 EST 2013


It exists different possibilities depending the conditions you need
for locking a cell.

A possible solution is to trap in the datagrid group script, the
EditCellOfIndex message sent when one is double clicking on a cell.

Here is an example for locking a cell if it contains the value "Locked cell":

on EditCellOfIndex pTheColumn, pTheIndex
  if GetDataOfIndex(pTheIndex, pTheColumn) is "Locked cell" then exit

  pass EditCellOfIndex
end EditCellOfIndex

On Wed, Nov 20, 2013 at 8:03 PM, Ray <ray at linkit.com> wrote:
> Does anybody have a way to disallow double clicking specified cells in a
> datagrid to edit them while continuing to allow the majority of cells to be
> edited?
> I'm currently catching the preOpenFieldEditor message and then sending my
> own handler which discontinues field editing after it has begun, but by that
> time the user has already opened the cell editing field.  This looks shabby
> (when I close it back up) and it might not work well on slower processors.
> I'd prefer to not let the editing process get started in the first place.
> Thanks,
> Ray Horsley
> LinkIt! Software
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