RELEASE: LiveCode 6.5 RC6

Richard Gaskin ambassador at
Wed Nov 20 14:28:37 EST 2013

Mike Kerner wrote:
> So do you guys want them to do what most other companies do, namely have a
> beta mail that you have to sign up for?
> I can guess what RC6 does - it fixes the bug that was causing fails
> yesterday in RC5.
> I beta test a variety of software products.  It is not unusual for some of
> them to have multiple releases per day sometimes.

I have no problem with frequent releases.  Nightly builds are a common 
and growing practice with agile companies, and in many ways it's very 
encouraging to see RunRev deploy quickly.

But with RCs we see quite a variance, sometimes weeks and sometimes 
hours, and it would be helpful to know if perhaps there were serious 
data-loss issues or other factors which determine when there are shorter 
intervals between releases.

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