Determine Engine Version Used To Build Standalone?

Peter W A Wood peterwawood at
Tue Nov 19 19:25:01 EST 2013


> How do things sit with the Engines and Open Source right now?
> Presumably (?????) the Engines are also, now, Open Source; and the ONLY thing that
> differentiates the OS engine and the CS engine is the inclusion of password protection code.

The source code for the open source engine is at It's what Monte, MarkW and some other people have been having endless fun with since the year AK (Anno Kickstarter). Sadly this pleasure is denied from the many of us who don't speak C++.

As for the content of the commercial engine, you can only be guessing unless you have spent $10,000 to buy an Enterprise licence (and get access the source of the commercial engine). :-)


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