What does "stack was produced by a newer version" mean?

Mark Schonewille m.schonewille at economy-x-talk.com
Mon Nov 18 17:56:17 CET 2013

Hi Graham,

Could you open your stack in a text editor (TextEdit or NotePad) and see 
if the beginning of the file looks like a stack? It should start with 
something like REV02700 or REVO5500 or something similar.

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On 11/18/2013 17:48, Graham Samuel wrote:
> I have a desktop app I've been developing on a Mac running Lion 10.7.5. I have just switched my LiveCode version to 6.1.3.
> Part of my app copies a template stack into an area where it can be manipulated and saved (in fact it's in a folder in the 'Applications Support' area of the Mac library). The copy is just a statement:
>     put URL ("binfile:" & tTemplatePath) into URL ("binfile:" & gdataStackPath)
> After this is executed, the Mac finder shows the file in place with the expected '.livecode' extension.
> Then at some later point in the app's script, I execute:
>     go stack gdataStackPath
> This has been working for ages. I now have a problem that I may have created myself, but so far I can't find out what I've done wrong: the 'go' command fails to execute, and after investigation I see that 'the result' returns "stack was produced by a newer version", and if I try to open this copied stack directly in LC, by right-click and 'Open with...", I get "unable to open stack: stack is corrupted, check for ~ backup file". Which of these error messages is the right one, and if the first one, what does it mean? I can't see that my innocent 'put URL' can have corrupted the stack, which is not opened until my 'go' command, and therefore not subject to being corrupted.
> Can anyone suggest what's wrong? I will continue to look for reasons of course,  but right now I'm stumped.
> Graham

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