The humble Substack

Mark Schonewille m.schonewille at
Sun Nov 17 20:04:21 EST 2013

Hi Cal,

When you save a standalone, all stacks are still stacks. The mainstack 
and its substacks are attached to the engine, but they are still the 
same stacks. The code is compiled when the engine opens the stack. The 
compiled version exists in memory only and not on disk. This is the same 
for all stacks, be it stacks that are part of a standalone, substacks or 
separate stack files.

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On 11/18/2013 01:55, Cal Horner wrote:
> Here is another gap in my education, that I am trying to fill.
> When a combination mainstack/substack(s) application is compiled into a
> standalone, how much of substack is  converted from an interpreted
> environment into a compiled application?
> The Mainstack/substack combination that has been developed is used only as
> windows for the application. Either to display calculated results or if the
> data has been keyed into the data-entry windows is put into a database.
> It just seems that what I've been able to glean from assorted books and
> sites this information has been left out. Or, perhaps I've just missed the
> simple explanation.
> If anyone knows the answer I would appreciate a sharing of the knowledge.

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