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Sat Nov 16 06:20:24 EST 2013

To be clearer, try changing: "set the rect of group tNewGroup"
To: "set the rect of tNewGroup".

On Sat, Nov 16, 2013 at 6:08 AM, Walt Brown <walter.h.brown at>wrote:

> Check what was returned in the "it" variable - it already contains the
> word "group"
> "set the rect of group tNewGroup"
> Just a thought. I tested it in 5.5.2.
> Walt
> On Sat, Nov 16, 2013 at 5:21 AM, Nakia Brewer <Nakia.Brewer at
> > wrote:
>> Hi,
>> I thought I might have ago at building a simple little control that
>> simulates the iOS xCode UIKeyboardToolbar
>> (the one that has the 'Done' 'Last' buttons on it etc)
>> So, I have mocked up a group of objects in LC to simulate the look of the
>> Native object (roughly close) and now I am trying to get it all to work.
>> My current plan is to use this as a 'library' so I have it loaded as a
>> substack of my test app. I want to be able to call it optionally depending
>> on the field that bought the keyboard up.
>> Now, so far I have got to the point of being able to copy the group from
>> library stack to the current card of the current stack but have hit a
>> stumble trying to perform any actions on the newly copied group. For
>> example, I am trying to set the rect of the new group post creation and for
>> the life of me cant get it to work.. Can anyone see something stupid below?
>> In the stackscript of the library I am currently doing the below.
>> on showUIKeyboardToolbar
>>    ## First calculate the correct size for the UIKeyboardToolbar from the
>> effective screen rect
>>    -- Note, simply assuming the UIToolbar should be ~ 10% of its width
>>    put the working screenRect into tRect
>>    set the itemdel to comma
>>    put (.10*(item 3 of tRect - item 1 of tRect)) into tHeight
>>    put (item 4 of tRect - tHeight) into item 2 of tRect
>>    copy group "UIKeyboardToolbar" of card "iPhone_Standard_Portrait" of
>> stack "LC_iOS_UIKeyboardToolbar"  to the current card of the current stack
>>    put it into tNewGroup
>>    set the rect of group tNewGroup of the current card of the current
>> stack to tRect -- This action does not complete and the copied group does
>> not resize ???
>>    show group tNewGroup of the current card of the current stack
>> end showUIKeyboardToolbar
>> on keyboardDeactivated
>>    ## Destroy the copied group -- This works fine, when the keyboard
>> closes the group is destroyed
>>    delete group "UIKeyboardToolbar" of the current card of the current
>> stack
>> end keyboardDeactivated
>> In the application stack on the landing UI Card I have
>> on openCard
>>    start using stack "LC_iOS_UIKeyboardToolbar"
>>    iphoneUseDeviceResolution true
>> end openCard
>> on keyboardActivated
>>    showUIKeyboardToolbar
>> end keyboardActivated
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