Resolution independance and referenced images

Scott Rossi scott at
Fri Nov 15 13:43:29 EST 2013

Glad you understood my comment.  In terms of sharing stacks with others,
it would be way more convenient to have the image-replacement stuff work
with imported images, not just referenced.

And guess what: your comment about two images is short by 50%.  If you
design an app using the iOS7 approach, you need 4 versions of icons now,
because icons have a pressed state (the normal state inverted).

More fun to be had.


Scott Rossi
Creative Director
Tactile Media, UX/UI Design

On 11/15/13 10:11 AM, "J. Landman Gay" <jacque at> wrote:

>Scott's question is why that doesn't happen with imported images too,
>and I think that would be a good addition. Most of my stacks use
>imported images to keep everything in a single file. The down side is
>that the stack would grow much larger because you'd have two copies of
>each image embedded.

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