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Hi Jaquelin,

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> On 11/15/13 5:41 AM, Klaus major-k wrote:
>> Hi friends,
>> I am afraid, I still don't get it!?
>> Does this mean the engine does use the @2 images (if present)
>> automatically when on a HIRES device?
>> I mean if I have one referenced image in my stack:
>> the_image.jpg
>> And have another image in the same folder:
>> the_image at 2.jpg
>> And now create a stack for NON hires devices with tath first
>> image, does Livecode automatically (!) display the @2 image
>> in the image object when on a HIRES device?
> As I understand it, yes. That's what happens.

OK, it just sounded too good to "get it" :-D

>> Or does the developer need to do the substitution?
> You don't need to do anything. If the images on disk are named correctly the substitution happens automatically.


> Scott's question is why that doesn't happen with imported images too, and I think that would be a good addition. Most of my stacks use imported images to keep everything in a single file. The down side is that the stack would grow much larger because you'd have two copies of each image embedded.

Yes, teh same for imported images would be especially cool!

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