DataGrid and cursors

Peter Haworth pete at
Thu Nov 14 10:52:07 EST 2013

Hi Mats,
My experience with it has always been with tables so not sure why it's not
working for you. Only thing I can think of is to be sure dgNumberOfRecords
of the data grid is a non-zero value.

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On Nov 14, 2013 3:09 AM, "Mats Yahoo" <matsastrom at> wrote:

> Hi Peter,
> I have tried the sample but GetDataForLine does not seem to get called
> when you use a Table, only when Form is used.
> Do you know if there is some way you can populate a Table DataGrid from a
> cursor in a similar manor?
> /Mats
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> Hi Mats,
> The best way to deal with this for good performance is by using the
> datagrid dgNumberOfRecords property.  Take a look at the "Advanced Options"
> section of the datagrid manual for more information and a link for a sample
> stack to download.
> I've used this technique a couple of times and it works well for large
> amounts of data.  However, it's a bit tricky to implement since the
> datagrid stops using it's internal storage areas and the usual methods for
> getting data out of the datagrid (dgData,dgText) all return empty.  Plus
> there are some not-so-obvious things you have to deal with yourself, for
> example you have to write your own sort handlers.
> Pete
> Pete
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