Name shadows another variable error

Monte Goulding monte at
Wed Nov 13 21:00:04 EST 2013

On 14/11/2013, at 12:05 PM, Peter Haworth wrote:

> I think I have just found a reliable way to reproduce the above error.
> It's not the usual circumstance it happens but it may be enough for RunRev
> to track it down.  Here's what I did (by accident):
> Switch Strict Compilation mode off
> Create a stack with  a few controls on it
> Put some simple scripts in the card, stack and/or controls, each with a
> local statement that names the same variable, say tVar.
> Compile all the scripts so there are no errors in them
> Switch Strict Compilation Mode on
> Make a change in one of the scripts and compile it - you should get the
> error.  If you then try to save the stack, all the scripts that name the
> variable will be get a red dot in their script editor window tab.
> If anyone has a few minutes to verify this, I will submit a QCC report and
> include a test stack.

I'd love to crack that nut... it's the only thing stopping me using that feature... Is there any correlation between the error an turning variable preservation on or off?


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