Name shadows another variable error

Peter Haworth pete at
Wed Nov 13 20:05:24 EST 2013

I think I have just found a reliable way to reproduce the above error.
 It's not the usual circumstance it happens but it may be enough for RunRev
to track it down.  Here's what I did (by accident):

Switch Strict Compilation mode off
Create a stack with  a few controls on it
Put some simple scripts in the card, stack and/or controls, each with a
local statement that names the same variable, say tVar.
Compile all the scripts so there are no errors in them
Switch Strict Compilation Mode on
Make a change in one of the scripts and compile it - you should get the
error.  If you then try to save the stack, all the scripts that name the
variable will be get a red dot in their script editor window tab.

If anyone has a few minutes to verify this, I will submit a QCC report and
include a test stack.

lcSQL Software <>

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