Need Help Getting LiveCode Server to Write to a File

Gregory Lypny gregory.lypny at
Wed Nov 13 08:56:10 EST 2013

Hello everyone,

I have LiveCode Server working on my Mac. I have a test page that works fine by displaying the date and time in Safari, but I cannot get the script to create and write to a file.  When I insert the following line in the script I get an error output to Safari.

put the long time into url “file://HardDrive/Library/WebServer/share/httpd/myData/testFile.txt”

The error message I get is

file "/Library/WebServer/Documents/"
  row 19, col 28: script: not a command (://)

So, I figured I must be using the wrong syntax for the file path. I tried different combinations of slashes and colons to no avail.

When I change the data to be written from the long time to “Hello world.” I get the following

file "/Library/WebServer/Documents/"
  row 19, col 14: Expression: bad factor
  row 19, col 14: param: bad expression
  row 19, col 14: Commands: bad parameter
  row 19, col 14: Commands: bad parameters
  row 19, col 14: script: bad command

where column 14 is the position of the letter r in the word world. What am I doing wrong? I set read and write permissions (in the Info window) for the share folder, the httpd folder, and the myData folder.

Any advice and perhaps an example would be much appreciated.


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