Code Signing

Andrew Henshaw henshaw at
Tue Nov 12 15:05:12 EST 2013

For Mavericks just add --deep to the start of the code signing line Trevor,  that signs everything in the package so it works with the gatekeeper.


codesign --deep -f -s "Developer ID Application: Your Company Ltd" ./YourApp* 

For Windows I use SignGUI which is free and seems to work,  it takes a whole for a new exe upload to be trusted by the Windows 8 Smart Screen if you only have a standard code signing certificate,  but my apps seem to clear that in 48 hours or less so ive not bothered with the extended certificates.


> Here are some instructions. One thing to note is that code signing has
> changed on Mavericks. You have to sign more items in the bundle then you
> had to previously. I haven't sat down to figure out the best way to
> approach this yet, however.

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