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Here are some steps I've made notes on so it's easier the next time I do 
this.  I hope they help you.  If they don't just repost something here 
and somebody else may be able to help with specifics.

Create Ceritificate:
Open Applications/Utilities/Keychain Access
Click on Keychain Access (menubar), drag to Certificate Assistant and choose
    Request a Certificate from a Certificate Authority
Use your email address which is usually the same as Apple Developer ID
Use your app's name for the Common Name
No CA email address is required
Select Saved to disk
Check Let me specify key pair information
Leave all other choices at the default
Open a browser, go to the following URL and navigate thru steps 
'similar' to these:
    In iOS Provisioning Portal/Certificates/Development click Choose 
File (bottom right)
    Upload the Certificate Signing Request created on the desktop and 
click Submit
Click the Development tab (might have to refresh) and choose Download
Double-click the developer_identity file on the desktop and it should 
open Keychain Access and put it in there.
At this point the term "Issued" should be displayed.  If not, then a 
button named Download Certificate or something should be displayed on 
the Distribution tab
Choose "My Certificates" on the left of the Keychain app
Delete any similarly named certificates
Drag the newly saved certificate file from the desktop into the main 
part of the Keychain window.

Move your standalone to an iPad using xCode:
Click on Window and choose Organizer in the xCode app
Expand [the user name you logged in with]'s iPad and click Applications
Click Add, choose the standalone

Good luck,

Ray Horsley
LinkIt! Software

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