isn't it it?

Tiemo Hollmann TB toolbook at
Tue Nov 12 08:18:50 EST 2013


I have a "repeat until it is empty" loop which suddenly didn't started

By chance I found the bug. Some days ago my IDE with strict compilation mode
on wanted me to declare the variable "it". Though it is not usual, I didn't
wanted to care about it and declared a local "it" and the IDE was happy.
Actually I don't remember, where else I have done this nonsence.

Now I found that a "repeat until it is empty" loop doesn't start anymore if
you declare the local variable it. You can see it with this simple example,
just comment / uncomment the local:


on mouseUp

# local it

   repeat until it is empty

      ask "what?"

   end repeat

end mouseUp


Why does LC handles "it" different if it is declared or not? And why doesn't
start the repeat loop anymore if it is declared but empty? Any light on





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