RELEASE: LiveCode 6.1.3

Benjamin Beaumont ben at
Tue Nov 12 05:12:43 EST 2013

Dear List Members,

We're pleased to announce that LiveCode 6.1.3 is now available. This is a
stable release which we recommend to all users.

This release has come from our maintenance cycle which aims to improve the
quality of an existing main release (6.1). As a result it contain minor
tweaks and bug fixes. 6.1.3 contain 12 bug fixes and tweaks to support iOS
7 more fully.

*Release Contents*
12 bug fixes:
- 11399 - iOS doesn\'t load any data unless HTTP status code is 200
- 11385 - Ampersands in any of the Mac standalone settings prevent
standalones launching on Mavericks.
- 11379 - The childControlIds / childControlNames properties return empty
- 11333 - Reference images with a filename set to a relative path don\'t
work on Android
- 11300 - Flip does not work on referenced images.
- 11289 - Some long URLs cause crash in revBrowser
- 11285 - Fix font setting for multiline edit controls on iOS7
- 11274 - Merge function should ignore square bracket if part of inner
- 11268 - IDE crashes on with a filter name but no actual filter
- 11242 - iOS Native Scroller doesn\'t work correctly on iOS 7
- 11208 - Mouse release/touch cancel events incorrectly sending mouseUp
- 11114 - secureMode restricts access to network

*Get this release*
To get this release choose 'check for update' from the help menu or
download directly at:

Warm regards,

The LiveCode Team

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