Device signature different

Thomas McGrath III mcgrath3 at
Mon Nov 11 12:27:11 EST 2013

on mouseUp
 put mobileGetDeviceToken() into field "PNSResult"
     put field "PNSResult" into tTest
       put 1 into i
       repeat while i<= the number of characters in tTest
               if char i of tTest is not in "0123456789abcdefABCDEF" then
                       delete char i of tTest
               else -- char i of me is hex
                       add 1 to i
               end if -- char i is not in.....
       end repeat --while i<= the number of characters in me
     if char 1 of tTest is "<" then delete char 1 of tTest
     if last char of tTest is ">" then delete last char of tTest
     put tTest into field  “PNSResult"

end mouseUp	

SO the token returned from this script from a few weeks ago is different than what this returns today.???? wtf…. But more importantly it changed from this morning and later this afternoon. I have three different IDs from the same device….

Is mobileGetDeviceToken() supposed to be consistent to the device???? No matter what???? or When????


-- Tom McGrath III
mcgrath3 at

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