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Thu Nov 7 06:55:38 EST 2013

Hi Vaughn

If you want to use an ordinary LiveCode field in an iOS or Android
application you just use it, as per normal

However for mobile things are different, for example if you want to use a
slider in iOS created by iOS itself (a native control) then you need to set
everything up in Livecode so that when the app is built (during the
compiling with Xcode I guess, not sure exactly where it happens) LiveCode
knows to swap out special code a developer will include with an iOS 'native'

See the dictionary for more on this, for example if you search for
"mobileControlCreate" in the dictionary you will see that the following two
lines of code sets up a native text field (controlType = "input") to be
created when the app is built:

put "input" into tControlType
mobileControlCreate tControlType, "myFirstInputField"

Please note that while your app is in the IDE it will not have any iOS or
Android controls, these are only added when built (either as standalones or
for simulator)

I've just found a lesson on using native controls here:


Yes 'TraversalOn' is in property inspector and you can also set and unset it
with code

If you run an app with Livecode fields in a simulator you'll see the fields
in the 'motif' theme (along with all LiveCode controls) which makes them
look like refugees from from 1990 - native fields on the other hand look

For example of moving fields up and down to cater for the keyboard check out
this lesson:

Yes you can group all your fields and move these up and down - it all
depends on your GUI and what you are trying to do...

I'm not sure if you need a 'focus on nothing' in an exitField handler, I
just have one in a mouseDown handler in the card (where else can the person
tap to leave the field?) and that seems to work - but again it will depend
on your GUI and what you are trying to do...

I think I've covered all your queries, let me know if I've missed any (or if
you have any new ones)


"Some are born coders, some achieve coding, and some have coding thrust upon them." - William Shakespeare & Hugh Senior

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