Data at Rest encryption

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Thu Nov 7 01:33:45 CET 2013


Looking to see if anyone has a solution for encryption of data at rest
(files) within the application sand-box.

It looks like Apple has provided for the libraries / attributes; ... ricks.html says.....
"Protecting Data Using On-Disk Encryption
Data protection is available on most iOS devices and is subject to the
following requirements:
The file system on the user’s device must support data protection. This
is true for newer devices, but for some earlier devices, the user might
have to reformat the device’s disk and restore any content from a backup.
The user must have an active passcode lock set for the device.

To protect a file, your app must add an attribute to the file indicating
the desired level of protection. Add this attribute using either the
NSData class or the NSFileManager class.

Is there any way this can be exposed at the Livecode layer?


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