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When you do the server in stacks with “starts using” does the stack have contention issues when 10 people are hitting the CGI at the exact same time? Or does it open a copy of the stack, do it’s thing, and return data out the CGI connection without causing problems for all the other CGI connections happening at the same time?

I guess the big tell is, if you set a field in the stack from one connection, can you see that value with the next CGI connection, ie is the stack shared and used one at a time?


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> Same here and it's probably definitively the best way to avoid any on-rev client app need ;-)
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>> The absence of an on-rev desktop client is one thing that pushed me (hard!) toward doing all 'real' processing in the scripts of stacks that the .lc page 'starts using'. That way I can do all my server programming in the IDE.
>> Of course my approach may not be optimum if you organizing your .lc page code like PHP.
>> Phil Davis
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