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On 07/11/2013, at 5:47 AM, Andrew Kluthe <andrew at ctech.me> wrote:

> Yup, specific platform fixes for more stable versions without the new big
> name experimental features in 6.5

Yep, the way Mark Waddingham has worked out the branching scheme for the LC repo allows for this until 6.5 is released. When a released a version becomes the head of the master branch from which all bugfixes and features are branched. So if a bug fix is made it can be integrated into both a maintenance release and the develop branch for the next feature release. I wouldn't expect 6.1 to be maintained after 6.5 is released but I would expect it to be maintained until it is released. While it is still possible if the bug is critical enough to branch a bugfix off an older release tag on the master branch it's probably going to be rare.


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