RELEASE: LiveCode 6.1.3-rc-2

Heather Laine heather at
Wed Nov 6 12:11:38 EST 2013

Dear list members,

We are pleased to announce the release of LiveCode 6.1.3-rc-2.

Warning: this is not a stable release. Please ensure you back up your 
stacks before testing them.

This maintenance release contains the following changes:

7 bug fixes:
* 11399 - iOS doesn't load any data unless the HTTP status code is 200
* 11385 - Ampersands in any of the Mac standalone settings prevent launching on Mavericks
* 11379 - the childControlIds / childControlNames properties can return empty lines
* 11289 - Some long URLs cause a crash in revBrowser
* 11285 - Font settings don't work correctly in multi-line text fields on iOS 7
* 11242 - The iOS native scroller doesn't work correctly on iOS 7
* 11114 - secureMode restricts access to network

This release can be downloaded from:

Warm Regards,

The LiveCode Team.

Heather Laine
Customer Services Manager

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