Where to put externals so IDE finds them?

Paul D. DeRocco pderocco at ix.netcom.com
Wed Nov 6 00:57:48 EST 2013

The tutorial on Desktop Externals says to create the following hierarchy
in the Documents folder:

My LiveCode /
 Mac OS X/

In the web page, there is no indenting at all, but the above one-column
indenting (obtained by copying from the web page to the clipboard) is
nonsensical anyway. Someone asked about this in 2008, and in five years it
hasn't been answered. So what's the answer? What's the actual hierarchy?
And please answer in plain ASCII, not in HTML, so that we can see the
actual indentation that shows the nesting of the directories.

Also, immediately following this, it says this: "Note: You only need the
Runtime hierarchy for building Standalones containing your externals."

But in my experience, externals for standalones are found by the
standalone wherever you've programmed it to look for them with the
externals property of the main stack, which includes a complete pathname
(whether you like it or not). So the above hierarchy looks to me like it
only applies to .rev files loaded into the IDE, because in that case the
externals don't automatically get loaded on startup, because "startup"
happened when the IDE was started, not when the application stack was

Am I right, or am I confused?


Ciao,               Paul D. DeRocco
Paul                mailto:pderocco at ix.netcom.com 

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