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Oh no....That means I may have to shell out to cURL...
Can anyone recommend any other way I may be able to achieve what I need?

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On 11/5/13 8:21 PM, Nakia Brewer wrote:
> Hi,
> I have asked about this issue on the Forum some time ago but never got back to testing it further.
> I have a desktop application that needs to communicate to a REST API over HTTPS and I am having issues with what I think is a certificate problem when I try and use the application on my work network.
> NOTE - This issues doesn't occur at my home network.
> So, to explain the issue.
> When I do a HTTPS Request (Via GET) I get returned a Error 10061 on socket
> -          IT can NOT see my request at the Proxy
> Now if I do a simple HTTP Request (Via GET) it works correctly
> -          IT can confirm they are seeing  my request at the Proxy.
> I have tried setting the libUrlSetSSlVerification false but to no avail.
> I don't know much about SSL or anything but is it fair for me to assume that the work network is denying my connection because it is HTTPS without a certificate?
> If that is the case I have found how to point to certificates but have no idea where/how to generate a certificate that would be valid so the connection works?
> I hope this makes some sense and I look forward to any idea's you all may have!

As I understand it, libURL (the internet library) doesn't support HTTPS 
via proxies. I am facing a similar issue right now.

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