Making Games with LiveCode Blog?

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Tue Nov 5 07:55:26 EST 2013

Hi Georges,

It is exciting that people want to get involved. I was expecting to have
HTML+CSS pages (with a sprinkling of LiveCode Server scripts) on some
under-utilised shared hosting that I have, but from your and other comments
there appears to be not only interest in my blog plan, but also something more.

Some sort of "Hub" that focuses on game related articles and resources
specifically for LiveCode, fostering community and sharing would be excellent!

It is actually like you read my mind, because I was planning for the blog to be
a "trial" to see if something more ambitious would be a wasted effort, or not.
So once I get my first idea up, that is something I would be keen to pursue

About the customisation, I have often thought that it would be neat to have a
"Game Maker" like tool written in LiveCode, but that is probably way too
ambitious? As an artistically challenged coder, I like the idea of sharing
sprites and resources.

I really believe that LiveCode has *huge* potential as a casual/indie game
development tool.

Scott McDonald
"Components, Controls, Tools and Resources for LiveCode"

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