Making Games with LiveCode Blog?

Richard Gaskin ambassador at
Mon Nov 4 11:03:19 EST 2013

Scott wrote:

> I am thinking about starting a regular blog that will focus on making games with
> LiveCode. If I go ahead, it would be partially just for my own satisfaction.
> But it will probably be more work than I imagine, and so I am wondering what
> level of interest there is? If there is lots then I am more likely to try and
> make it happen.

We can expect that the audience for LiveCode today is very different, 
and no doubt smaller by orders of magnitude, than the audience just a 
few years from now.

While there's always a risk with undertaking any new venture, the return 
on your investment will likely be high over time as the audience grows.

Take it slow if you like, adding new stuff even just as time permits. 
But even with that, the long-term SEO value will become self-evident 
soon enough.

This absolutely mind-blowingly useful compendium of game-related algos 
may be inspiring:

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