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I am missing something, because:

on openField
put the clipBoardData into me
end openField

works fine.

Craig Newman

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Subject: Substack to Main stack message path

Situation:   One mainstack with 6 unlocked fields and one substack with 6 
unlocked fields.

I copy text from one of the fields in the substack and verify that it is in 
clipboardData["text"] which it is.  I would like to then be able to click on an 
unlocked text field in the mainstack and have it immediately paste the text into 
that field.  I have an "openField" handler in each of the 6 unlocked fields of 
the mainstack.  My thinking was the "openField" handler for each field in the 
mainstack would be run since I clicked on that field but apparently the message 
path is not what I'm thinking it should be when going straight from a substack 
and clicking on an object in the mainstack. 

Whats happening:   If I were to click on field 3 in the mainstack with text in 
the clipboard from the substack, field 1 would be the field the text gets pasted 
into.  So it appears that the first object I click on after going from a 
substack to the mainstack is not getting the message. The pasting process works 
fine if I paste text from fields in the same stack. Still trying to figure out 
what messages are firing off when clicking on an object in the mainstack after 
leaving a substack.

Can somebody point me in the right direction and/or offer some advice?

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