iOS app simulation rotated?

Randy Hengst iowahengst at
Thu May 30 20:21:18 EDT 2013


Do you have this handler in the stack script?

on startUp
   iphoneSetAllowedOrientations "landscape left,landscape right"
end startUp

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On May 30, 2013, at 4:48 PM, Graham Samuel wrote:

> I've been testing an iOS app intended only for iPad landscape, using Simulator 6.1 as the test target. I must have made a change in the setup, but I don't know what, and now when I try to test from the IDE, I get the simulation showing up as landscape with my splash screen correctly positioned, then suddenly the splash screen is rotated through 90 degrees, meaning that some of it (the original right hand side) is now invisible. When the app proper starts, it is also shown rotated with the right hand side cut off. If I use the 'Rotate' menu in the simulator, all I get is a portrait screen with the same cut-offs.
> In my Standalone Settings, I have only enabled iPad Landscape options.
> The thing looks fine on the desktop - can anyone suggest what I did wrong?
> Graham
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