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On 05/29/2013 06:28 AM, Mark Rauterkus wrote:
> Hi,
> The download page,, does NOT note what
> version is being served.
> I see some posting about 6.0.2. But only 6.0.1 is now on the download for
> LC Community.
> There was a few day lag going to 6.0.1 too.
> Wondering, will future downloads also include all the ANDROID and iOS SDK
> and utilities? It would be great if ONE download gave all the parts.
> In the past, one had to pay extra for the mobile elements and they were NOT
> included in the downloads. Now that seems to be a non-issue with LC
> Community and it would be sweet to get everything one needs in one lump.
> Right?


The Free lump is very sweet indeed.

However 'Free' is as Free does, and there is NO such thing as 100% FREE 
anywhere, and that is why the 'Free'
version of Livecode is hedged around with an Open Source Licence that 
RESTRICTS what you can do
with it.

RunRev, in the past, released a variety of 99% Free versions . . . . .

remember 1.1.1 and 2.0.1 that worked for FREE with a restriction
on 10 lines of code per object???

remember the Free versions of RevMedia???

nobody was entirely happy with them; neither RunRev nor the end-users.

The end-users wanted MORE and RunRev wanted LESS; not surprising really!

As far as I can see the OSS version of Livecode is just about as good as 
it can get . . .

1. RunRev keeps getting paid (from the commercial version) to carry on 
developing LC.

2. RunRev pumps those developments into the OSS version.

3. Any modifications made by users of the OSS version can be pumped back 
into both the pay and the free versions.

RunRev would, frankly, be cutting their own throats if they released the 
commercial version for FREE.

However if one wants to develop commercial software that all and 
everybody cannot poke around inside
you have to stump up the money for the commercial version,

and in that respect RunRev can set the whole shebang as one sweet lump, 
or parcel it up into various
lesser lumps.

The theory behind the commercial package (and, believe me, I know the 
difference between that theory and
the practice) is that as YOU are going to be making money out of 
whatever you produce with it, THEY should
get a share of the pie (seems reasonable). I suspect the theory runs on 
a bit in that RunRev expect YOU to get
higher income from programs for mobile machines than from 
you PCs, so THEY want a larger slice of the pie.

Of course the 'problem' about that model is that to develop software for 
a mobile machine one has to do it on a
desktop machine, so buying the ability to develop for a mobile platform 
assumes one has already stumped up for
at least one desktop version.

Mind you how you would develop software ON an iPhone is beyond me.

So what would I do? [speaking as somebody who knows nothing about 
business and every time he has
tried his hand at business has got nowhere] I would go and ask a 
business person who has already
successfully developed an app for a mobile platform with Livecode for 
their advice.

BUT, what I do know is that you have to put your money where your mouth 
is, and there is no such thing
as a no-risk situation; unless, of course, you work for the UK Health 
and Safety Executive, LOL.


PS. From my experience I can say 2 things about the good people at RunRev:

1. They pretend not to listen to their customer base, but do.

2. They, eventually, cave into what end-users ask for, without admitting 
they are doing that,
and, normally, in a far better way than the end-users ever thought of.

> I could not install the WIN Android last week as the zip called for a
> password.
> --
> Ta.
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